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One slightly weary nutcracker; one Lithuanian clog with amber stud; one carving of San Francesco d’Assisi taming the wolf; all wooden.

I think of him as the Prussian officer, a childhood gift from my German cousins, his jaws were never strong enough to crack more than a walnut. Now he reminds me of the grandfather I never knew, the father my … Continue reading

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carved Polynesian (or possibly Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, African??) lamp base

Once sported a pagoda shaped China-yellow lampshade, long since destroyed. Now sporting a 50s lacquer-red lampshade rescued from my parents’ home. Those with long memories may be reminded of the good old bookstore days…  

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cute kid (baby goat)

received in hospital on the occasion of my tonsillectomy for being “such a brave girl” and because no ice-cream was forthcoming… Adults lie, I discovered. I must have been about 8 years old.

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two koi

carved from wood and coveted since childhood

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