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skink The morning sun casts a square patch of light Aslant our small backyard. My pyjamas hang A shadow from the line, still in the still air. Over the pavement cracked with weeds The ants scurry, not unlike the back-and-forth … Continue reading

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THE QUEST FOR INFINITY: a REVIEW of ‘CONJUROR’ BY ALLAN BROWNE CONJUROR by Allan Browne (includes Jazzhead CD of new music). extempore publishing, 2012. On Tuesday, June 6, I was driving down from Sydney to Melbourne, and happened to arrive just in time to attend the media and friends launch of … Continue reading

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Shards of Amber Dreams: a review of ‘Resinations’ by Javant Biarujia

Shards of Amber Dreams: Francesca Sasnaitis reviews Resinations by Javant Biarujia. Resinations by Javant Biarujia. Otoliths 2012 Let me begin with a provocation (Javant will appreciate this): Javant Biarujia and I are twins,Doppelgänger. Back in the 1980s, when I was still … Continue reading

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FRAGMENTS, SILENCES, MASQUERADES: a review of ‘konkretion’ by Marion May Campbell konkretion by Marion May Campbell UWA Publishing 160pp $24.99AU Published February, 2013 ISBN 9781742584911

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