see how the light hits
shadow flits on a clear day,
figure how the eight runs
a dog chasing tail,
a snake collapsing into myth,
a sluice over the Keys
and the beats, breathe an oval
champagne-shaped and breast-sized

fit your lips to my glass,
slide down my throat
the sound and taste of love

don’t blow it, baby,
play it—oh behave!
track it, crack it,
put me on the rack
for it—apologies,
I’ve never been
in love before

french-fry me, italicise me,
cauterise me—
my wound’s still fresh

Cole and Porter me, to be precise,
every note you write supports me
your silence haunts me,

as if I could forget
your fingers on the clef


About Francesca Jurate Sasnaitis

Me = Francesca Jurate Kristina Sasnaitis... also known as Jūrytė/ Jūrytėle/ Jūračiuk/ Jurachook/ U-Russia/ Urata/ Rata/ Jay-bird/ Jay-peg/ Miss J/ Big J/ France/ Franca.... Sasna/ Fox/ Greville/ Knight... and Nerada Netis... as far as I can remember... oh, and there's still room for Kristina... somewhere, sometime... Me = drew, painted, made sculpture, then stopped; printed photographs, then stopped; wrote, then stopped; made furniture, then stopped; made prints, then stopped; became a bookseller and stopped; wrote some more, kept writing some... and more... started painting again... sold a few more books... stopped... wrote some more, kept writing some... and more... and now seeing words, writing images... was that last bit too wanky? What goes around comes around, I guess...
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    Much appreciated Thanking you…..(!!) ……xx

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