young drums make a round young sound
the go-between sax and keys——
beats me how spacious the world becomes
the light on trees: branches trace a calligraphy
ink flicks darting leaves, breezes rifle
this makes me happy she sighs, she smiles
through the ever-distant haze which falls
between meaning and erasure: as soon as
notes alight they disappear, less than thoughts
the shadows of thoughts, ghosts
without name or home, clouds made of cotton
the flow of time reflected in a silent pool
she is cast adrift on the sea of memory
on an island emerging, a haven safe
from the annihilation of past present future
the hum of song just audible below the surface
the end of time just visible over the next horizon
death makes us immortal someone said
or memory, I add

for Kim Newone


About Francesca Jurate Sasnaitis

Me = Francesca Jurate Kristina Sasnaitis... also known as Jūrytė/ Jūrytėle/ Jūračiuk/ Jurachook/ U-Russia/ Urata/ Rata/ Jay-bird/ Jay-peg/ Miss J/ Big J/ France/ Franca.... Sasna/ Fox/ Greville/ Knight... and Nerada Netis... as far as I can remember... oh, and there's still room for Kristina... somewhere, sometime... Me = drew, painted, made sculpture, then stopped; printed photographs, then stopped; wrote, then stopped; made furniture, then stopped; made prints, then stopped; became a bookseller and stopped; wrote some more, kept writing some... and more... started painting again... sold a few more books... stopped... wrote some more, kept writing some... and more... and now seeing words, writing images... was that last bit too wanky? What goes around comes around, I guess...
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