planet greening

the trombone farts

a rich and earthy sound of compost
decomposing, the busy work of worms and bugs,
of blood and bone to ash and dust,

and then, the hushed nocturnal gnawing
of silverfish through bolts of silk and ruined knits,
behind the door to Blackbeard’s hoard

the trumpet blasts

a defiant passage through the fray
of keyboard fuselage and noodling guitar’s
electric challenge to the ear of human sound,

as breathtaking as a pirate raid, as dry as ice
and rage, the shiv goes straight to the heart,
the blade slices clean through the cheek

the drummer smiles

a ripple of dissent on the face of victory,
keyboard quails, in sympathy the trumpet wails
as percussion storms triumphant over a world

united in battles won and lost, they reminisce
of greening fields, the heady smell of mulch
and the birth of another lark——what fun

the trombone farts

15 June 2010


About Francesca Jurate Sasnaitis

Me = Francesca Jurate Kristina Sasnaitis... also known as Jūrytė/ Jūrytėle/ Jūračiuk/ Jurachook/ U-Russia/ Urata/ Rata/ Jay-bird/ Jay-peg/ Miss J/ Big J/ France/ Franca.... Sasna/ Fox/ Greville/ Knight... and Nerada Netis... as far as I can remember... oh, and there's still room for Kristina... somewhere, sometime... Me = drew, painted, made sculpture, then stopped; printed photographs, then stopped; wrote, then stopped; made furniture, then stopped; made prints, then stopped; became a bookseller and stopped; wrote some more, kept writing some... and more... started painting again... sold a few more books... stopped... wrote some more, kept writing some... and more... and now seeing words, writing images... was that last bit too wanky? What goes around comes around, I guess...
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