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Now, after all this time, I catch at last a precious glimmer, obvious and crude—— it takes two to tango, fear is feeling, nothing matters—— psychology one-oh-too. If I had know it then, as I see now, I might have … Continue reading

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Did Marlowe’s Hero call her hero Olly across the waves? an echo of childhood in those names—— Hibiscus, Magnolia, Rhododendron, Hydrangea, Camillia, and one I can’t recall——not Greta Garbo sacrificing happiness for true love’s sake, a whiff of decay beneath … Continue reading

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Bolano and I

I can’t believe Bolano died! We might have met and loved (we have not met but I love him already——his eyes are green too) or not. I might have learnt Spanish instead of Italian. He wrote so much——I am the … Continue reading

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Dad woke me this morning. I looked up. Startled. He leant on the counter. Smiling. 8 March

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birdy bits

The Loan Gum guards the roundabout—— a pistol shot cracks the silence! No worries, just The Cockie preening… 17 Feb man on bicycle, galah on shoulder—— no helmet! 20 Feb hanging upside down a rustle of lorikeet—— mistaken for a … Continue reading

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