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sun inspired

The smack of fresh bitumen In the early morning chill—— How delicious! 6 Nov First swim of the season, The sea warmed by a shimmer of sunlight—— Beware the titanic jellyfish! 8 Nov A second day of splendid sun and … Continue reading

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I am mutable and infinite. I reflect exactly Whatever it is you want to be, I show you. My slippery tongue between your words, I might trip you up, but never myself. I cannot lie. I do. Lately more and … Continue reading

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I play my part, Rapunzel wears a bob, The princess eats the pea, The ladies giggle, The girls laugh. What a lovely party! after Sylvia Plath 3 Oct

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First, are you our sort of person? Not the kind who Subdivides, develops, refinances, Negatively gears or Doesn’t give a rat’s arse about the neighbours, The environment or global warming? No, thank god! Sylvia Made a joke of it but … Continue reading

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You’re kidding! You don’t know Isabella? But she’s so gorgeous and wacky and was David’s, well, wife… Oh right! (she so obviously pertains to another era) I introduced them, David and the Australian Who was visiting New York——I knew him … Continue reading

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merry Xmas!

Thursday is the stumble before relief the week is in eclipse a tiger by the tail anywhere but here would be fine I can’t bear another question “tell me what I want” my brains eke out a living from the … Continue reading

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Strange bird, what strange bird is he? Cassowary, currawong, curlew, he trumpets In a bucket, he gives me time to breathe The silence of the creek bed, the stillness of the leaves, The tang of sunburnt dust and cracked brown … Continue reading

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